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Creeds first album - Despite those two possible draw backs if you like green fragrance get sample or are wealthy buy small bottle and try for yourself. You smell it everywhere. Yes Cool Water and even Aspen are similar

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Fifteen years ago discovered GIT via articles about what kind of cologne celebs wear went online and bought bottle. Green Irish Tweed smells great very closely to Cool Water by Davidof. It s my first Creed and certain that won be the last. The claim that these fragrances are hundreds of years old and they were worn by princes princesses FALSE | Music – Rolling Stone

I am not blown away with green Irish tweed and still learning more about train my nose to understand its structure how will be wearable. It s a beautiful aftershave that lingers all day long. Overall this the best Creed have smelled out of Royal Water Aventus and Original Vetiver. It is certainly fresh aquatic like Cool Water but there much more to discover

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Apostles' Creed - WikipediaMay hrivera put one spray early in the morning at about am and around pm was computer lab doing homework when woman passed by said My you smell so good That sums it up. Jul mesaboogie Smells like taking walk through wet green country side hill on rainy spring day. I think this a classic fragrance. It s like a sharp cold blade cuts the green grass under dewdrops. Overall Price Quality Sep Vondevelde Nice fragrance IMO. I find this to be the fragrance that ushered current era present it still has relevance today more than years later

Of course GIT feels better maybe for the quality ingredients and have slightly longevity. It is now the next morning and am still getting whiffs of . Amazing sillage and lasting power. Then universe splits into two one smelled actual green violet leaves. May flopi Hi. The country I am in has no seasons it is either hot or cold weather. Mar Marciu Unfortunately this fragrance not me. I loved Irisia but there not trace of to be found. Both are kind of metallic and have that dryer sheet vibe. So buy this just for the bottle if you need a Creed in your collection

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Crumm Not really that enamoured with this after reading the glowing reviews was excited only to be let down by meh fragrance. More similar to Cool Water around hours into itbefore that GIT is greener while CW heavy on the lavender


  • It is the love of my life and we all know your never forgotten. Green Irish Tweed was launched in. Im wondering why other said is smell like coolwater but didnt found some similarities between two fragrance

  • Then universe splits into two one smelled actual green violet leaves. And so I ask you please Can help find the peace star. I get the lemon verbena absolutely and can definitely smell iris

  • It smells like the very upscale perfume that is. The heat makes it fade quickly

  • It has not been destroyed by reformulations discontinued altogether like so many other amazing fragrances. Bravo Mr. It was the weirdest thing that ever happened to me regarding fragrances

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